Monday, September 23, 2013

My new hobby - Sewing

I've got a new hobby! Well, not exactly new but I've picked up sewing again and I'm loving it. =)

Sewing is not new to me, my grandma taught me how to use the sewing machine when I was a teenager. Back then, I would sew clothes for my barbie dolls, soft toys & make crafts. I've stopped for many years but recently a friend sparked my interest again and I'm hooked now. 

My skills are far from perfect but I am having tons of fun. =)

Here are some of the crafts that I have made:

 Casual polka dot handbag 

 Hello Kitty bag for my Fat Cheeks. 

A dress for my cutie Fat cheeks. 

A floral clutch bag for a friend. 

A sweetie pencil case for me.  

Made another pouch for fun.

Made these coin/key pouches for Fat cheek's teachers; Teacher's day gift 2013. 

Mooncakes 2013

Made cute cute mooncakes this year. =)

There's green apple paste, blueberry paste, pu er lotus paste, white lotus paste, sesame paste and royal milk tea paste. 

 Absolutely love the bunny.

 Also baked flakey mooncakes. Finally got the spiral layer effect right. Happy! =)

Inspired by Anncoo's sakura mooncake, I added osmanthus flower to the snowskin. Pretty. =)