Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Blessed Christmas everyone! =)

This year I've finally managed to make a batch of pretty decent looking cookies and they were given out to my colleagues as Christmas gifts. Nothing expensive or fancy, but I hope they liked them. Thus far the cookies were well received. In all, I took 3 evenings to make it. One evening to bake, the next to make the fondant and the final and most interesting evening is when I finally got to decorate the cookies by hand one by one. Altogether I made about 30 pieces of cookies. I'm very pleased with this batch and I can't wait to start the next. The cookies recipe can be found here. Decorating the cookies is hard work but it's also so much fun!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Cupcakes with Marshmallow Fondant

It's the season for shopping, feasting and presents! Christmas is just round the corner! So much to eat! So much to shop and so much presents to buy! =)

Last week, Fat Cheeks and myself attended a baking workshop for mummy & child at the Community Centre. We made cupcakes with marshmallow fondant. Everything was made from scratch and we had a really fun time. A while ago, I tried doing marshmallow fondant myself. It was so sticky, gooey & messy I gave up. This time round, I've finally learnt the right technique to do it and I have say, it does take a lot of patience and hard work but you will be rewarded with soft pliable play dough. Still it was not easy doing the figurines. The ones I made were ok and I like my snowman best. =)

Here's the marshmallow fondant recipe:

Shortening - 15g
Marshmallow - 100g
Icing sugar, sifted - 200g
Water - 8g

- Grease a stainless steel bowl with a thin layer of shortening.
- Put marshmellow into bowl, let it melt over a pot of shimmering water, sprinkle water (8g) occasionally.
- Pour melted marshmellow on a greased tabletop, then slowly knead icing sugar into marshmellow over 4-5 times, until it becomes smooth (not sticking to fingers) and pliable.
- Add desired colouring, if fondant becomes sticky, add a little icing sugar.
- Cling wrap and keep in container until ready to use.