Friday, November 23, 2012

Organic Soybean Milk

I've been really lazy posting blog entries nowadays. I'm still active in my kitchen, just slow when it comes to posting entries here...tsk tsk tsk. This is one example, made it a while ago but only posting now; homemade organic soy bean milk. I've started making soy bean milk weekly a couple months ago after reading the benefits of soy milk here. You don't need a fancy soy milk machine to make it; I make mine the manual way and it takes less than half an hour. Hubby and Fat cheeks loves this and it's really full of goodness. By making my own soy milk, I get to choose the quality of soy beans, adjust the sweetness and the "thickness" to our taste. On top of that, the soy bean pulp (also known as okara) left behind can be used to make delicious snacks. I use it to make tuna fish patties and Fat cheeks can't enough of that. I will share that recipe here in my next post. =)

Here's how I make my soy bean milk:

- 300g organic soybeans
- water
- a few blades of pandan leaves (this will help get rid of the waxy taste & add fragrance)
- rock sugar
- *coffee sock or coconut milk squeeze bag (this is important to squeeze the soy pulp & filter it at the same time, if not the soy milk will be gritty)

- wash soy beans, cover with water and soak overnight (or at least 4 to 6hrs till soften)
- rinse soy beans, and blend beans with water till fine and creamy. I have a small blender, so for me I fill it with half cup of beans and 1 cup of water each time.
- pour the blended mixture into a squeeze bag, squeeze out soy milk into a pot
- add pandan leaves to soy milk and bring it to gentle simmer ( you can add more water at this point if you prefer thinner soy milk)
- let it simmer for at least 20mins, stirring all the while.
- add rock sugar, serve warm or cold

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