Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello Kitty / Cupcake / Heart Cookies

We baked cookies for Fat cheek's teachers as Teacher's Day gift this year. I thought they look really lovely and am very pleased and proud of how it has turned out. The cookies were made with the sugar cookie recipe I've posted earlier here and decorated with marshmallow fondant recipe here. Fat cheeks was very much involved in the process. She was the one who painstakingly cut out the "Thank You"s  for all the heart shaped cookies, then pasted them on to the cookies one by one (we made 8 sets). It took quite a bit of time and patience but she did it =). The Hello Kitty cookies were done by me as it required more precision. Though Hello Kitty looks simple the placement of the eyes and nose are very important, if misplaced Hello Kitty will not look like itself. When the cookies were completed, she helped to pack, seal & tie the ribbons. I'm so very proud of my baby. It took about a day to bake, decorate and clean up but it was totally worth the time. A friend comment that I can start selling cookies and coincidentally, I do have another friend who is interested in placing an order. Hmmm...maybe I really can??  


  1. hi Jen,

    When I look at your hello kitty cookies, my heart melted. Would you be able to make and seel these?

    From : Valerie

    1. Hi Valerie, thank you for your compliments. ^^
      I'm not a professional baker, however if you're really interested in ordering, you can drop me an email at .