Thursday, August 16, 2012

Caramel and Chocolate Mini Doughnuts

This is my 2nd batch of doughnuts. I left half of my dough in the fridge the day before and honestly I was not too sure if it will rise properly when cooked.  Am so happy when it turned out fine. After retrieving the dough from the fridge, I rolled it out, cut them with cookie cutter and left them on a floured tray at room temperature for about half an hour. Then after I proceeded to fry them as per my previous batch. There was no difference in texture at all. It was as soft and as puffy as my 1st batch. To try something different, I glazed these doughnuts with caramel and chocolate glaze. Both were heavenly! The caramel glaze is not difficult to make at all and it's very versatile. It can be drizzled over pancakes, crepes, chiffon cakes, ice creams & even apples. However, the caramel sauce is on the sweeter side, so I used it sparingly. For the chocolate glaze, I used dark chocolate. It complement the caramel sauce well coz it's less sweet and has strong cocoa favour. Fat cheeks especially loves the caramel sauce, she'll lick her doughnuts then her fingers then her plate. I had to watch her like a hawk to make sure she does not put her gooey fingers all over the place. When I tell her to stop licking, her response was "it's just to yummy mama!!". Looks like I will have to control myself and not make these treats too often. We're all getting too chubby! =) 

For the caramel sauce recipe see my previous post here.

For chocolate ganache sauce recipe see my previous post here

- Prepare sauce 1st, leave aside
- Dip warm doughnuts into sauce, then cool

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