Friday, July 27, 2012

Bacon and Cheese Takoyaki

I've been very naughty lately and I think I've used up all my presents for the year! I got myself quite a bit of toys recently and am feeling very guilty about it. Guilty...but happy. Hahaha =). Let me introduce to you my latest takoyaki pan! I've been eyeing a takoyaki pan for a while already but because it's so expensive, I never seriously considered buying it. Then I came across this pan at a much much affordable price, I knew I had to get it! To top  the icing on the cake, the pre-order was organised by a fellow blogger. She even shared her takoyaki recipes with whoever who buys the pan. So if you are interested, you can order from her blog here: She is currently organising pre-orders for mooncakes moulds and cupcake carriers as well. =)

The takoyaki turned out really well and we really loved them. It was initially quite daunting to make as I  wasn't sure how to make them into little balls. But as it turned out, it was quite ok. The batter didn't stick to the pan and with a pair of satay sticks, I was able to rotate and form the takoyaki balls as the batter cooks. Very fun & very yummy! I also added more cabbage and carrot into the batter making it a healthier snack. We wolfed downed like 3 batches the 1st time I made it. Fat cheeks is already asking when we're making this again. More to come soon! =)

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  1. hi Jen, thanks for the post and shout out (: im really glad that your family and you enjoyed it. for the first attempt, you did an awesome job! (: