Saturday, May 5, 2012

Melon Pan with Chocolate filling

Daddy will be home today! He's been travelling for almost 2 weeks now & we miss him much. To welcome him home, I've decided to bake him some buns. He loves his bread & buns. =) Today Melon pan aka Japanese Melon bun is on the menu. It's a bun with a cookie crust on top & it's usually shaped like a melon hence the name Melon pan. I've never made them before but knew Fat cheeks would love these too coz it's very much like the Hong Kong Bo Luo pao that she loves so much. These buns normally do not have fillings, but coz I'm craving for chocolate lately, I decided to wrap some chocolate buttons into the bun. I even shaped 2 of my buns into cute little tortoise just for my baby. It's been quite some time since I've last baked buns and have almost forgotten how fun it can be. I'm very happy & proud of how the buns turned out. There were entirely made by hand. 100% hand whisked & hand kneaded, my labour of love. =)

This recipe makes 6 buns:

Cookie dough:
- 25g butter (I used salted)
- 35g sugar
- 25g beaten egg
- 80g cake flour
- 1/4 tsp baking powder

- cream butter and sugar till light & fluffy
- gradually add egg till well incorporated
- fold in flour lightly in 2 batches
- wrap dough in cling wrap & chill in fridge till firm (approx 30 mins)
- after chilling, divide dough in 6 portions
- flatten into round discs
- continue to chill until use

Bread dough:
- 140g bread flour
- 25g sugar
- 1/3 tsp salt
- 5g milk powder (I pinched some of Fat cheeks milk powder ^^)
- 3g instant yeast
- 1 tbsp egg
- 70ml warm water
- 15g butter
- 6 tbsp of chocolate buttons (optional)

- combine & mix all dry ingredients into a big bowl, make a well in the middle
- beat egg lightly & add to water, mix
- pour egg & water mixture into the well of the flour, use a fork & start to draw flour into the liquid
- when the liquid is incorporated with flour, start kneading with hands
- knead dough till smooth, add butter and knead till butter absorbed by dough
- place dough in a lightly oiled bowl & cover with cling flim
- leave to proof for 45mins to an hr till double in size
- after 1st proof, punch down dough & divide into 6 portions
- roll each portion into a ball, flatten & fill centre with 1 tbsp of chocolate button
- wrap, pinch seams well & shape into a ball
- place buns with pinched side down
- place flatten cookie discs on to buns & lightly wrap over buns
- use knife & score cookie dough as desired
- leave to proof for 2nd time for about 20mins
- bake at 170 deg c for 12-15 mins


  1. Nice recipe! XD Seems simple enough; I can't wait to try it out! My sister has some sort of obsession with Japan and Japanese things. Do you reckon that this'll be a good present for her birthday? Thanks for posting this. :)

  2. Hi, thank you for your compliments! Do give these buns a try & with all the effort put in, I'm sure your sis will love them. =)