Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Mousse cake has always been my favourite cake. Thus far I've not attempted to make any coz years ago I've tried and it was an utter failure. The recipe I 1st attempted required the use of gelatine. It's very tricky to incorporate gelatine into whipping cream. If the temperature is not right it will not incorporate properly. The cake will not set & it turn into a gooey mess. Then recently, I came across this recipe which does not require the use of gelatine. It looks straight forward & does not require rocket science, so I decided to give it a try and am I glad I did. =) Here's what I did:

Ingredients for chocolate sponge base:
(makes a 7inch cake base) 
- 2 small eggs (room temp)
- 45g sugar
- 35g cake flour
- 8g cocoa powder
- 10g unsalted butter, melted
- 1/2 tbsp of whipping cream (room temp)

- Preheat oven to 180 deg c
- line cake pan
- sift flour & cocoa powder together
- in separate bowl, beat egg until lighten while gradually adding sugar
- beat  egg & sugar mixture till thick ribbon stage
- mix melted butter & cream then fold into egg mixture
- sprinkle flour over mixture & fold in well
- pour batter into pan & bake for 12-15mins 
- cool completely before use

Ingredients for chocolate mousse
- 200g gram dark chocolate buttons
- 80g whipping cream (for melting with chocolate)
- 300g whipping cream (for whipping) (make sure this is very cold & only remove from fridge when about to whip it)

- bring 80g of whipping cream to a slow boil & pour heated cream over chocolate buttons
- let the hot cream & chocolate buttons sit for a minute as it starts to melt
- stir to combine and ensure all chocolate buttons are melted (if chocolate buttons are not completely melted, put it over a small pan of hot water to melt completely)
- cool to room temperature (Note: it is important for it to cool down completely if not it will melt the whipping cream in the next step)
- whip cold cream until thick ribbon stage (I whipped my cream over a bow of ice water coz the weather was just too hot!)
- I separated chocolate mixture into 2 big bowls, one approx 70% , the other 30% (this is to create the 2 tone effect on the cake) 
- roughly apportion whipped cream into half for each bowl  
- take a few scoop full of whipped cream  & fold into chocolate mixture, (this helps to loosen the chocolate so it is easier to fold in the rest of the whipped cream)
- fold in rest of the cream into the chocolate mixture
- pour dark chocolate mousse over cooled cake base, spread evenly
- then pour lighter chocolate mousse on top, spread evenly & smooth top 
- place in fridge & cool at least 4 hours, best over night to set
- serve cold & enjoy =)


  1. Hi Jen, how are you and your daughter? (: the choc mousse cake looks so yummy! (:

    1. Hi Jas, so happy to see that u're back! ^^ We're doing great. Hope u're doing well & am waiting to see ur new post! =)