Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mini Steamed Sponge Cakes with Cranberries.

I did this a couple weeks ago; My 1st attempt at making steamed cakes and I'm quite happy with the results. I've been wanting to try this for quite some time but just never got to it. The steamed cake is really spongy and tastes just like the Ma Lai kou they sell at dim sum places. The texture is slightly denser than baked ones and have a more "eggy" taste. It's a nice change from the usual baked ones. Fat cheeks likes it much and it was the perfect snack for her to bring to school. =)

- 2 eggs
- 80g caster sugar
- 1 tsp vanilla essence
- 100g self raising flour
- 1/2 tsp baking powder
- 50ml milk
- 1/4 cup cranberries or raisins (soaked in water till soften)

- prepare steamer & bring water in steamer to a rolling boil
- grease and lightly flour mould, set aside
- sift flour & baking powder
- whisk the eggs, sugar & vanilla essence till pale & fluffy
- fold in flour then milk in alternating batches
- fold in cranberries
- spoon into moulds and steam for 5 - 7 mins

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  1. the bears one are so cute! i love them as much as fat cheeks keke!