Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flaky Flower Mooncakes

My poor blog has been neglected! =(  I've been busy lately coz I've actually gone back to hitting the books. I'm probably a generation older than most of my classmates. But I guess late is better than never ya? Truth be told, I was really reluctant when I resumed my studies. Lectures, homework and exams just didn't equate to happiness for me. But in a surprisingly turn of events, I actually very much enjoy it now and I look forward to my classes but impending exams still stresses me. So anyhow, in between my work, studies and mummying, I manage to make time to bake 2 types of mooncakes with my darling Fat cheeks. The Flaky Flower Mooncake recipe can be found in my previous post here. I will be posting the other Walnut Mooncake soon...I hope. =)

I bought ready made lotus paste this year. Fat cheeks rolling them into balls.
She looks so cheeky coz she wants to eat the filling. =)

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