Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our 1st Sushi Attmept

No baking today coz my baby Fat Cheeks is complaining of itchy throat. All heaty stuff is off the list for a while then. Instead we made sushi! It's our 1st attempt so nothing too complicated. Just some eggs, imitation crab meat, tuna & cucumber. I like it very much coz it's healthy, fast & yummy. Baby & hubby loves it much too. Will be making more of these during the weekends. =)

- 2 cups sushi rice
- 2 cups of water
- 1 tbsp Mirin
- 1/4 cup rice vinegar ( I got mine from Daiso)
- 2 tbsp of sugar
- 1 tsp salt

- rinse rice several times until water runs clear
- add rice & 2 cups water into rice cooker to cook
- when done, fluff lightly with spoon
- mix rice vinegar, sugar & salt in a cup
- sprinkle evenly over rice & toss to mix well
- cool rice before making sushi

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