Sunday, January 2, 2011

Marshmallow Coco Pops Bar

Happy 2011!! It's the new year, new beginning with new challenges. Fat cheeks will be attending K1 this year. It's so exciting. Hope she'll make more friends and enjoy school like she always did. =)

I was down with a pretty bad viral infection since boxing day hence been missing in action. Today finally feeling human again I've decided to make this treat with my darling Fat Cheeks. It's a super simple with few ingredients. I never liked working with marshmallows before, just the thought of scrubbing them off the pots really puts me off. Then I found the solution; All I had to do was to soak the pot in hot water, give it a couple of minutes and it melts  right off!

The treat was done in a matter of minutes. Fat cheeks helped by cutting the marshmallow into little pieces (for easy melting), mixing the cereals and pressing the mixed ingredients into the pan. Once again, she did a wonderful job. The treats are sweet, crispy, creamy and gooey. Very nice, may make this for Chinese New Year.  =)

- 55g butter
- 200g marshmallow
- 2.5 tsp milk
- 140g rice cereal (I used Coco Pops)
- a handful of dried fruits/nuts (this is optional. I used cranberries and Hershey's Peanut Butter Candy)

- Melt butter in saucepan over low fire
- add marshmallow, stir till marshmallow melts and is well blended
- add milk and mix well
- remove from heat, add cereals and mix well
- add dried fruit/nuts of your choice
- mix well and pour into grease pan (I used 13 x 9 inch pan)
- using a greased spatula, press cereal evenly into pan
- cool and cut into bars

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