Saturday, January 22, 2011

Custard Flower Cookies

Today we were up bright and early and feeling good having finally recovered from another bout of viral infection.  I'm still on antibiotics but gone are the headaches and body aches. It's also been a little stressful at work with audit coming up and all. To destress, what better therapy than to bake! First up, we made Custard Flower Cookies. I found the recipe from Hong's Kitchen. Great post with step by step photos. Fat cheeks likes it much coz it looks so pretty. Hubby on the other hand feels that the cookie is a little "powdery", this could be due to the high corn flour content. Anyways, was a fun cookie to try. 


  1. hehe really look like flowers!! very beautifully done Jen!

  2. Thank you J3ess. Next on my list is your melty pineapple rolls! =)