Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cornflakes Cookies

This is my second bake of the day! I did mention that I was stressed ya? Hahaha. I still have one more bake on my list for today. Wonder if I can manage it. This cornflake cookie is one of my favorites simply coz it's easy, fast, yummy & additively crunchy.  I made some last year with a little colorful fruity cornflakes. This year, I kept it simple; Just plain cornflakes, almond slivers and a festive cranberry "hat". For the recipe, please see my post last year here. Fat cheeks loves cranberries and kept picking the hats off the cornflakes even though I gave her some on a separate plate. Cheeky little girl. =)

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  1. 2 bakes in a day haha! very pretty this is also my to bake list =D