Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I've got presents! =)

I've got presents all the way from Sweden. =)

Thank you Sylvia for your lovely handmade key chains, we love them! Just looking at them makes me smile.

It's really wonderful to have friends. As I grow older, I realise genuine friends are hard to come by especially for me. I'm quiet, boring and don't socialise much. I don't like attention and am actually happy to be part of the flower vase in the background observing things going on around me. I also enjoy doing things alone. I find it much less complicated that way. Hence it's no surprise my group of friends is small. But the few I have, I treasure them much. We may not go out often and we hardly meet up, but I know they are there for me like I will be there for them. I use to work with this small group of friends and I do miss them much. Pai seh, the key chains is making me mushy!! =)


  1. pretty cute hearts. If you're going to give that to me, I would be happy as in very happy. You're such a creative person. I like the idea and honestly thought that counts are more important right now a days:)

  2. Dear Jess and Elpi, thank you for dropping by. The key chains are really lovely. =)

  3. I'm like you Jen. I'm friendly to most people but there is only a handful whom I considered my true buddies. They are the ones whom I know I can just voice out my complaints/unhappiness to anytime and they will not judge me. I am lucky to have you gals, brightening up my days even though I'm on the other side of the planet! Love you all! *muacks*

  4. It's interesting coz we never really knew each other while you were in SG. =) By the way, Fat Cheeks absconded with the pink heart. I can't find it anywhere!!