Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strawberry Milk Pudding

This is a really simple dessert and was done in a matter of minutes. This recipes uses only 3 ingredients: milk, gelatin powder & water. Some recipe uses agar agar powder; It gives a firmer texture. For me I like the gelatin version, soft and wobbly =). Fat cheeks likes it very much. Next time I'll make the chocolate version. I didn't add any sugar to the pudding at all so I topped my pudding with a tsp of Jam for more flavour.

(I made 3 small cups)
- 200ml strawberry milk
- 3tsp gelatin powder
- 30ml hot water
- 1tsp strawberry jam (I used blueberry jam)

- dissolve the gelatin powder in hot water & allow to stand for a few minutes till powder is fully dissolved
- pour gelatin solution into milk & mix well
- spoon into cups & chill, it should set in about 2hrs
- serve chilled & top with a tsp of strawberry or blueberry jam


  1. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Love all the recipes and mouth watering photos you've got!

  2. Hi traciemoo, thank you for your compliments. =) I love cooking & it's a joy to share the recipes I've tried. Hope u'll have fun trying them too.