Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet Papaya with White Fungus Dessert

The weather is so hot these days. Hubby & fat cheeks is nursing a cough; me sore throat. Partly due to the weather and more probably coz we've been shoving yummy not to mention heaty treats down our throats since cny. To smooth our throat & lungs, I made this simple and very refreshing dessert. No need to say...ofcourse I used my new toy the thermal cooker. I made it last night before I slept & left it in the thermal cooker. It was still smoking hot when I lifted the lid this morn! =)

(for my 5 litre pot)
- 1 not so ripe papaya (approx 1kg), de-seeded & cut into cubes
- 10 stoned red dates
- 4tbsp sweet almonds
- 2 handful of white fungus, soaked till soft
- rock sugar to taste

- put all ingredients into the pot & fill up to 3/4 full
- boil for 10mins
- leave in thermal cooker for a couple of hours
- can be served hot or cold
- Note: if using normal pot, simmer for 1-2hrs

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