Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Potato and Leek Soup

I went to IMM today. Hubby was going to Jurong for a meeting & I tong pang his car to IMM. Why IMM? coz it has the biggest Daiso there! Call me an aunty if you like, but it's like heaven there for me. I can spend hours without realising it. The Japanese are just so innovative; their products pretty & clever...all for just $2. Brings out all the auntyness in me. =)

We had heavy lunch, so for dinner I made this one meal soup & served it with toasts. It's really easy and delicious. Leeks are so sweet. Yumz.

(enough to serve 4)
- 3 big potatos, skinned & grated
- 3 stalks of leeks, minced
- 3 tsbp butter
- 2 tbsp of all purpose flour
- 4 cups of chicken stock (I have a batch I made, if not canned stock is fine but taste before adding salt)
- 3 tbsp of cream (I used Nestle canned cream)
- salt & pepper to taste

- melt butter in stock pot over low fire
- add leeks, stir & cook till soft over medium fire
- sprinkle flour over leeks & stir well for about a minute
- add stock then grated potato
- simmer over low fire for half an hour (once again I used my nifty thermal cooker & left it for a couple of hours)
- add cream, season with salt & pepper before serving.
- Note: if you like your soup smooth, you can blend it in the blender & reheat before serving. I like mine with little chunks here & there for texture.

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