Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mee Rebus

Woke up early today and was feeling adventurous. Hubby's been working really hard lately. So I decided to surprise him with one of his fave dish for dinner; Mee Rebus! And this time I made it from a scratch. I was happy to learn that the ingredients weren't too difficuilt to gather & infact the gravy only took me an hour to make. The only thing I didn't like was preparing the beancurd coz have to fry. That would mean cleaning an oil splattered stove.
Nevertheless after all said & done, the labour was well worth it. Hubby was very impressed with the Mee Rebus. I thought it tasted pretty good too, even better than some I've tasted outside. Hehehe so shameless. =)

Here's the recipe from Zarina's Easy Cooking:

(enough to serve 3-4)
- 500g yellow noodles
- 200g bean sprouts

For gravy:
- 12 dried chillies (boil to soften)
- 8 shallots, chopped
- 2cm pc of galangal, chopped
- 2 stalks of lemongrass, slice root end
- 2 tbsp dried silver fish or tiny shrimps
* Grind all above ingredients into a fine paste

- 2 tbsp tauceo, grind coarsely
- 1 tbsp meat curry powder
- 150g sweet potatoes, boil till soft, peel then mash
- 2tbsp sugar
- salt to taste
- 500g shrimp, washed & peel (keep heads & shells for stock)
(Note: I didn't use fresh shrimp coz hubby don't like it. I replaced it with 40g dried tiny prawns, the smaller thinner kind with its head still intact)
- 4tbsp oil
**For stock, boil 1 litre water with shrimp and shell (or like me boil it with tiny prawns)

- hardboil eggs, sliced
- green chilli (I used red chilli), sliced
- chinese celery, chopped
- beancurd, deep fried & cut into cubes
- fried shallots
- lime

- Heat oil, add grounded ingredients* & taucheo
- fry till fragrant then add curry powder, sugar & salt
- continue frying till sugar dissolves
- add stock** (I added my stock including the tiny prawns)
- bring to boil & cook for 10mins
- add mashed sweet potato
- keep stirring till gravy thickens
- add shrimp & cook for 5 mins (I skipped this)

To serve:
- blanch noodles & bean sprouts
- pour gravy over & garnish

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