Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kueh Bangkit

I've gathered up the courage to try this. Been doing a bit of reading up on Kueh Bangkit. The ingredients & method looks easy but apprently not so. Firstly, the flour must be "dry fried" over the wok with pandan leaves. This proves to be messy coz the flour gets lighter as it gets drier & can potentially turn the kitchen into "winter wonderland". Secondly, the liquid to flour measurement is very important. Too little liquid, u'll get crumbly dough which is very difficuilt to handle. Too much, the dough will turn into a watery goo. So to overcome these probs, I baked my flour with pandan leaves while stiring them every few mins. Still a bit of mess but at least confined to my oven. As for the liquid, I added it bit by bit, kneading my dough throughly each time before adding more. The final product is not too bad being my 1st try. It's crisp when you bite into it but melts in your mouth once it crumbles. However, it wasn't as fragrant as I would like it to be. Maybe next time can add Santan/coconut powder to up the fragrance factor. Still, I'm happy with the results.

- 450g tapioca flour
- 8pcs pandan leaves
- 60g butter
- 110g icing sugar
- 2 egg yolks
- 150-180ml coconut milk
- 1-2 drops of pandan paste (optional: I added this to give it a little green colouring)

- bake flour with pandan leaves at 160deg c for half an hr, stiring every few mins
- remove leaves & allow to cool
- cream butter, sugar & yolk
- add coconut milk & pandan paste, mix well
- add coconut mixture to flour
- mix till well combined & knead with hands
- roll out dough on surface dusted with tapioca flour & cut out cookies
- baked on tray lined with baking sheet at 170deg c for 20-25mins
- cool competely before storing in jar


  1. wow 1 more cookie.. think we will visit ur hse during CNY... keep for us hor.. kekekeke

  2. me & annie will help u to eat because fat cheek cannot eat too much right :D

    what else u making .. envy you can make such pretyy & yummi cookies

  3. Hahaha...thank u for your compliments ladies. I make some for u girls to bring to office to share ok? Next on my list is conflake cookies. =)

  4. Yah, fat cheeks cannot eat too much. I'm hiding all the goodies in the storeroom just to keep it away fm her. =x