Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cornflake Cookies

It's been a fullfilling weekend. My bro, sis in law as well as my nieces & nephew were here from Melbourne. It's so wonderful to spend time with them. Family bonding is so special...we probably see eachother only once every few years, but the closeness is always there. They left yesterday and I am missing them much already. My heart tugged & tears threatened as we waved our goodbyes at the airport. Anyways, I'm quite determined to visit them especially now I know fat cheeks travels pretty well. I will plan & see them at Melbourne soon!!! =)

Today, I'm back at baking. Something really simple, fast & yummy. While shopping for the ingredients, Fat cheeks actually suggested I use the colourful fruity cornflakes. I normally use the plain ones only, now with the addition of the colourful fruity conflakes, the cookies look so festive! However, do note that the fruity conflakes are sugar coated, so must be careful when adding honey, too much will make it too sweet.

Here's what I did:

- 50g butter, melted
- 2tbsp honey (please taste honey 1st & add according to your liking)
- 2 cups plain cornflakes
- 1 cup fruity colourful cornflakes
- 100g almond slices
- 1 tbsp of flour (this helps to bind the cornflakes)

- preheat oven to 170 deg c
- mix honey to melted butter
- add flour & beat gently with hand whisk till well combined
- in a big bowl, mix all cornflakes & almond slices
- pour melted butter & honey mixture bit by bit over cornflakes & mix gently
- the cornflakes should be lighty coated with honey butter
- Note: avoid pouring too much honey butter, if not it will be too oily
- spoon coated cornflakes into paper cups
- bake for 5-8mins, once they turn light golden brown, remove fm oven too cool
- when competely cooled, the cornflakes will bind together & is ready for storing

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  1. looks really colourful and nice (: (: may i know 1 cup of cornflakes equal to how many grams? thank you! (: