Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chicken Porridge

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! 祝大家 新年快乐 在新的一年 大吉大利!

It's been a pretty busy new year with me trying my hand at some cny goodies. They turned out ok but there's lots of room for improvement. I wanted to make more to share with my friends but time is just too scarce. Sorry girls I couldn't make them in time!

So after a few days of stuffing my face with rich food, something simple would be nice. I decided to make chicken porridge today with my new toy. I bought a thermal pot! It's the same as berryfood's except mine is the smaller 5 liter one. It is indeed very easy to use. Just add ingredients, boil & leave it in the thermal pot. A couple of hours later, perfectly cooked piping hot porridge. =)

For my stock, I used half a chicken, a handful of dried white bait, 2 garlic cloves & 2 carrots. I let the stock boil for about 10mins then I added my rice grains. Bring it to boil again then remove from stove & put into thermal pot. I left it for a couple of hours while I went about doing my stuff. Then just before serving, I season with salt, pepper & added a handful of edamame into the pot.


  1. Happy 虎年!

    A bliss of using the pot huh ...Welcome to the Thermal Pot club, hahhaha ...

  2. Yea! I really love the pot. Already planning to cook lots of stuff with the pot. =)