Sunday, January 3, 2010

Floss Buns

I was so excited when I came across this recipe, I knew I had to try it right away! It's fat cheeks favourite after all. I just had to make it for her =). What's making me so excited? The recipe for the transparent mayo on the floss buns very similar to Bread Talk's!!! I've tried making floss bun with the normal mayo that can be purchased from supermarkets, but it just didn't taste as nice. This mayo is the real mccoy! What's surprising is that the ingredients is really simple & it's actually mostly sugar! Thank you Mrs Kwok for sharing this transparent mayo recipe.

Ingredients A:
- 100g sugar
- 5g salt
- 50g butter
- 450g water

Ingredients B:
- 200g sugar
- 50g corn starch
- 200ml water

- Combine A & cook over low heat stiring constantly
- when it starts to boil, combine B into A, continue to cook over low heat
- keep stiring as mixture thickens & turns transparent
- cool before use
(Note: when cooled competely, seems it will harden a bit. Just warm up over hot water to turn back into spreadable consistency)


  1. U lala ... you found a good recipe, will give it a try ! I'm also on a look out for this.

  2. yea, it's very nice! It's slightly sweeter, so you may wish to adjust to your taste. =)