Saturday, October 3, 2009

White Forest Cake - Happy Birthday My Precious Baby!! (Updated)

My baby's birthday is coming & she's turing 3! We're celebrating her birthday in advance at my in-laws place today. I baked my darling a Hello Kitty White Forest cake. I slogged all night to get it done. Honestly, I'm not very confident of my cake in both looks & taste wise since I've never bake a real birthday cake before. The only birthday cake I've baked so far is a chocolate torte for my dad in law. Practice will help, so I guess I have to start somewhere ya? After much delibration last night, I decided to go ahead. The sponge cake was relatively easy but the whipping cream was driving me nuts! It was so difficuilt to spread the cream evenly and coz the weather's hot, it just won't "stay" & starts melting. Every 5 mins or so, I have to put it into the fridge for the cream to set. Tips anyone? I'm so worried it'll be a melted mess by the time we travel to my in-laws place. Ugh! I'm keeping my fingers & toes crossed that it'll be fine! Oh, if you're wondering how I got my Hello Kitty done. I did it by "transfer". I did some research & found this very handy tip. Please click here. Much easier then free hand drawing. =)


Thank goodness all was well. The cake was still intact when we arrived at my in law's place and it was well received. It was a nice change form the usual Black Florest cake. Even my bro & sis in law who are usually very health conscious had 2nd helpings, I couldn't be happier. Fat cheeks was so eager to eat it she kept dipping her finger into the cake before we cut the it!

Here's the recipe:

(for a 18cm cake tin)

*Sponge Cake
- 180g sponge mix
- 3 eggs
- 45ml milk
- 1 tsp vanilla essence
- 45gm butter (melted)

*White Cream:
- 200g whipped cream
- 100g white chocolate
- 1 tsp corn oil

- 1/2 can black cherry

- Preheat oven to 180 deg c, line bottom of 7 inch cake tin
- Beat sponge mix, eggs & milk with high speed until light & fluffy
- Turn to low speed, mix in essence & fold in melted butter untill well blended
- Spread batter into prepared tin & bake for 30mins
- Remove fm oven & cool completely
- Split into 2 layers
- To make white cream, melt white chocolate, stir in corn oil then fold in whipped cream until blended
- Spread white cream onto sponge cake, arrange with black cherry
- Sandwich with another sponge cake
- Coat cake with remainding cream & decorate

She really couldn't wait to eat her cake. =)

Last bit of the cake


  1. Well done! Angel loves this cake and now she wants me to bake her one too next year... talk about peer pressure... *sigh*

  2. The transfer method really does the trick. So much easier. I tried drawing freehand but it just dun look right. With the transfer method, can try alot of cartoons!! U're so good at drawings, can create your own designs leh. =)

  3. Wow ! Times sure flies fast and now she turn 3 !

  4. Wow ! times flies really fast, she's now 3 !

    Very nice cake.

  5. The cake with the Hello Kitty deigns looks so yummy. A lot of hard work, thumb up for you!

  6. How I wish to have 1 of this also, hahha....Nice cake.

  7. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. =)