Thursday, October 29, 2009

A dedication to my friend Debbie.

I've been feeling rather down lately hence the lack of baking & blogging. I have been receiving bad news one after another the past weeks. Firstly, hubby's godma fell and broke her hips and injured her shoulders, then my uncle met with an serious traffic accident, followed by nanny's relative who is only in her 40s passing on, leaving her 2 young sons (who are fat cheeks holiday playmates) age 9 & 10 behind and lastly, the one that affected me most is that my dear friend Debbie has been diagnosed with myeloid leukemia.

Debbie now going through chemotherapy treatment in SGH and I pray that all will go well. She loves oranges so when I went down to visit her last week, I made her orange chiffon cake. I knew she wouldn't be able to eat much but I do hope the lovely citrus aroma will brighten her day just a little.

Life is really too short & unpredictable. Seeing the pain & loss that others go through reminds me how blessed I am, how sometimes we take the simpliest things which mean so much to others for granted. It reminds me to love and appreciate all the ones around me. Thinking back, I'm really glad I took this few months off to spend time with hubby, fat cheeks and messing around the house. These months have been truely priceless. There were so many times when I was unsure...

Sorry for the major emo entry. I just had to get it off my chest. =)

I'm not very good with words but found this get well poem for Debbie.
A Get Well Prayer by Elizabeth Ann Biggs from Poems from my Heart.
This get well prayer is sent with love
A special request to Father God above
That His healing touch, soon be on the way
bringing you well and brighter days.
May your loving heart once again
there flow with happiness a joyous song.
May all the days ahead for you be kind
blessing you with a healthy body, soul and mind.
Please know my dear friend
That for you with love, always I am here
God bless you abundantly, is my prayer
Always safelty to be kept, in His loving care.
I will be praying for you Debbie. Be strong. =)


  1. Sorry to hear about these. Life is really unpredictable, we should be happy to be able to spend time with our love ones. Stay positive, others may need your emotional support. *hug hug*

  2. I will remember her in my prayers Jen :)

  3. Thank u Stary! =) Am so glad Lion is coming back next week...something for me to look forward to.