Monday, October 12, 2009

Chocolate Macaron with Vanilla Buttercream

I've heard so much about macarons but I've never tired some. I read that they are not easy to bake, in particular to achieve the skirting round the macaron. But they look so pretty I just had to try to bake them. For starters, I decided to bake Chocolate Macarons with vanilla buttercream. I goggled abit and found this recipe. Let me warn you, they are really sweet!! I halved the sugar in my buttercream but it was still toothachingly sweet for me. According to my read ups, reducing the sugar will jeopardize the macarons. Maybe when I'm feeling adventurous, I shall try this again but with less sugar in the macaroon itself & we'll see how it turns out. For now, I'll just enjoy them as it is...crunchy on the outside, chewy & sweet on the inside. Hubby who has a major sweet tooth loves it much. =)


- 1 cup icing sugar
- 1/2 cup almond powder
- 3tbsp coca powder
- 2 large egg whites at room temp
- 5 tbsp caster sugar

- beat egg whites till frothy
- add caster sugar & whisk till stiff & glossy
- fold in dry ingredients (icing sugar, cocoa & almond powder)
- pipe approx 1 inch circles onto baking paper & let it sit for 2 hrs
(apprently this is very crucial to achieve skirting! I didn't wait for the full 2hrs, so my macaroons has got a tiny mini skirt)
- preheat oven to 180 deg c
- bake 15-18 mins
- cool compeletely before removing from baking sheet
- pipe buttercream onto one shell then sandwhich with another

Vanilla Buttercream
- 4oz butter
- 10oz icing sugar (I halved this)
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 1 tsp milk
- 1 tsp vanilla essence

- cream butter & salt
- add 1/2 sugar & milk, cream well then add balance of the sugar & cream again

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  1. Next time when u bake this again, remember to leave some for me and Anthea, we will sure find time to pick up from u...kekekekek....