Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Otah and Garlic Wholemeal Buns

I went out early this morning to get the ingredients to prepare for the cake I'm making for my Dad in law tomorrow. As I pass a coffeeshop, I had to stop. Hmmm...smell so nice leh, an uncle was grilling Otah. Must get some! On an impluse I decided to make Otah buns and bought 20 sticks of Otah home. When I reached home, hubby got a shock "Wa...are you going to open an Otah stall downstairs?". I like my buns fat fat mah, so I'm gonna stuff 2 sticks of Otah in each bun. =P After wrapping the otahs, I used the balance of the dough to make garlic bread. Hubby's favourite.

Here are my pics of my plumb buns to share.

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