Friday, September 25, 2009

Lotus Paste

Mooncake festival is coming. This year I'm going to try make some mooncake from a scratch including the filling. It's gonna be so challenging! To get started, I bought a recipe book "Mid-Autumn Mooncake" by Khoo Se Yee. Lots of pictures and illustration.

The lotus paste is not difficuilt to make but is time consuming and tidious. I had lots of interuption with my driving lesson and chores in between so it took me almost 2 days to get my paste done. I also discovered that there are apprently 2 kinds of lotus seeds on sale, the white ones and brown ones. The white ones are harvested when the seeds are green, the brown ones are harvested when the seeds are ripe, hence the brown skin covering. The brown ones are more suitable for making lotus paste, it give a more fragrant & smoother paste. Unfortunately, I already bought the white ones so I used it, it still tasted pretty good. Next time I'll try the brown ones.

Here's the recipe for lotus paste
(I altered the recipe a little from my cookbook and adapted the recipe from Aunty Yochana's recipe. Her recipe taste nicer! =)

- 600gm lotus seeds
- 450gm sugar (I reduced mine to 350gm)
- 450gm peanut oil (I reduced mine to 300gm)
- 70gm maltose
- 25gm wheat starch
- 1 tbsp alkaline water (for soaking)
- 1 tbsp condense milk
- 1 tsp alkaline water (for adding to paste)
- 1/2 tsp salt

- wash lotus seeds & drain well
- add 1tbsp alkaline water to soak for about 10mins
- soak seeds in boiling water for 10mins
- remove skins & stem
- bring to boil till soft
- drain water & blend into paste
- heat some oil (a few tbsp will do), add in sugar at medium heat
- fry until it turns light brown then turn down to low heat
- add lotus seed paste, fry for a while adding oil in batches
- keep stiring constantly untill almost dry
- lastly add maltose, wheat starch, condense milk, alkaline water and salt
- keep stirring untill it turns brown & does not stick to the wok

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