Monday, September 7, 2009

Fried Bee Thye Mak

Another of my favourite one dish meal for the weekend. It's easy to prepare and has quite a bit of veggies in it. Best part about it is that fat cheeks loves it too and she finishes the veggies in it without a complaint. =) Ever since I've stopped working, I've been trying to introduce more home cooked and healthier food at home. Not and easy quest with fast food just a phone call away and food courts in just 5 miniutes but I shall try to preservere and feed my fat cheeks right!


  1. Move to Sweden lah! No fast food delivery a phone call away (only available for few pizza stores), no food courts, no hawker centres, expensive restuarants, got no choice but to cook Mon to Sun! ^_^

  2. that how you became such a good cook? To cook all meals can be very stressful leh. U can even manage time to do crafts...envy!!