Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flakey Flower Mooncake

When I saw this recipe in Aunty Yochana's blog (Please see here. ), I knew I had to make this. It looks pretty & I love flakey pastry. There is a similar recipe in my cookbook & I decided to try the recipe in my cookbook. The difference is in the addition of butter in the dough; my cookbook also shapes the pastry into a chrysanthemum flower. Very pretty but too chim for me, I shall stick to the basics & make simple flowers.

(I managed to get 10 small flowers)
(a) Water dough
- 100gm plain flour
- 10gm icing sugar
- 40gm shortening
- 50gm water

(b) Oil dough
- 100gm plain flour
- 60gm shortening

- sesame seeds for decoration (optional)

Filling: Lotus or red bean paste

- mix (a) till smooth, rest for 10mins, divide into 10
- mix (b) till even, divide into 10
- (a) wrap (b), roll into long strip then roll up like swissroll
- rest 5 mins, repeat above step
- press & roll into round shape, wrap filling then use knife to cut into shape of flower
- brush with egg yolk, sprinke sesame seeds in middle for decoration
- bake 180deg c for 15-20mins


  1. wah, u very good leh. This is very pretty! Can I request for you to bake me some mooncakes when I get back? ^_^ Coz usually I'm back around Jun/Jul, no mooncake on sale then... haven't had mooncake for 3 years liao!

  2. prob! On ah! Mooncakes for u when u get back. =)

  3. prob! Just make sure u all eat ah!