Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chocolate Gateau No.2

Just came home from celebrating my Dad in law's birthday and I am about to explode. We had 10 course dinner and that's not counting my cake! It's been a busy day; I spent most of the day preparing the cake. At the last moment I almost didn't want to bring my cake coz I'm just so shy about it. Anyways, I'm quite happy how the cake turned out. My deco was much simplier, a couple of strawberries and some fondant flowers. Unfortunately, by the end of dinner we were all too stuffed to really enjoy the cake.


  1. wow jenny, your cake looks really pretty & yummy. I wanted to try making fondant decoration but was being held back by all the complicated steps.. It must be real fun playing & making those pretty flowers.

    My little prince wanted a Humpty Dumpty cake.. so i am thinking of way to draw it on his cake. Tmrw night will be a busy for me to work on his BD day. Hope it goes well.

  2. This cake looks pretty and yummy! Well done! Next time I go back u gals must bake for me hor!

  3. Thanks ladies for your complements. =)

    Anthea, u making cake for your prince? I still have a lot of fondant left, I can pass them to u coz I really dunno what else to do with them. U can use them on his cake.

    Sylvia, u will be flooded with pastries & cakes when u come back!! Just imagine each of us baking u something. Can have buffet leh. =)

  4. i am making it tonite. already bought whipping cream & piping jelly so that i can mix color for the picture. i doubt i can draw even a proper oval shape on the cake... real headache!

  5. I'll need to learn make fondant. Perhaps you could share to go about it.

    I like those pretty flower

  6. Hi Yin,

    For the fondant I did my research fm the internet and in the end I decided to try the below recipe:
    - 3 tbsp warm water
    - 5 tsp gelatin
    - 1/2 cup liquid glucose (bought fm phoon huat)
    - 1 tbsp glycerine (also bought fm phoon huat)
    - 6 cups of sugar

    - Add warm water to gelatin & stir till dissolve
    - add glucose & glycerine, mix well then set aside to cool
    - in large bowl, shift sugar & pour in above mixture
    - stir till combined

    After mixing all the liquid above, I realise I only have half of the sugar required, ie 3 cups. So I initally I mixed half of the liquid to the sugar and stired. But it still seemed very dry, so I mixed in more. In total I mixed in about 3/4 of the liquid. Even then, it was very crumbly. I try to knead the mixture then I put everything in a ziplock bag & chilled for half an hr. After tat the fondant seems more set and flexible. Then before I cut the foundant ( I bought fondant cutters fm phoon huat as well) I added 1-2 drops of colour and another 1-2 drops of water. Knead well, dush with corn flour then cut.

    Hope this helps. =