Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wholemeal Sausage Buns and Garlic Buns

I finally remembered to buy wholemeal flour! Been wanting to bake wholemeal buns but kept forgetting to get wholemeal flour. For the buns, I adapted the recipe from Berryfood's Cinnamon Buns and replaced 50g of the bread flour with wholemeal flour. The buns were super soft and yummy. Only thing is that I hand knead the dough and for this recipe, the dough can be quite sticky at first. But I really love the texture & taste of this dough so nevermind the initial mess. =) For the hot dogs, I got Cumberland Sausages, the ang mo kind that hubby likes. After wrapping the sausages I still have some bread dough left so I made garlic buns. I topped the buns with butter, freshly grated garlic, a dash of salt and sprinkling of dried parsley. It turned out that hubby likes the garlic bread more than the sausage buns. -_-"

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