Friday, August 28, 2009

Raisin and Mixed Peel Chiffon Roll

This is my 2nd not so successful attempt on swissroll . =( The recipe is from Elegant Swiss Roll by Kevin Chai, a book I borrowed from the library. I tried the Chiffon Roll recipe. Initially I wanted to fill the roll with whipped cream but the cake was too warm when I started to spread the cream on top, so it started to melt. >_<" Discouraged & worried that I might destroy the cake, I decided to fill it with orange marmalade & discarded the cream. But I have to say the chiffon cake recipe is really wonderful. It's light & it melts in your mouth. Too bad about the cream. I'll try buttercream filling next time.

Here's the recipe for the chiffon roll:

- 3 egg yolks
- 70g caster sugar
- 30g salad oil
- 50ml milk
- 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
- 60g plain flour
- 30g raisins & mixed peels
- 3 egg whites
- 1/4 tsp cram of tartar

- Preheat oven to 180deg
- Grease & line 10 x 14in baking tin
- Combine egg yolks, 30g sugar, salad oil, milk & essence
- Add sifted flour, mixed peels & raisins, mix well
- Whisk egg whites & cream of tartar until soft peaks
- Gradually add sugar untill frosty & stiff peaks if formed
- Fold the egg white mixture into the yolk mixture
- Spread batter into prepared tin
- Bake for 1o to 12 mins, leave to cool
- Turn cake onto a paper, spread with filling & roll gently

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