Sunday, August 23, 2009

Breaded Fish and Vege Rice

It's another "anything lo" night, the common answer I get when I ask my hubby what he wants for dinner. Hiaz, men just don't realise how tough meal planning is. Not knowing what to cook is very stressed one ok. Hahaha...anyways off I go to the supermarket to see if I can get any inspiration. On my way, I passed Swensens. Love their Fish & I tought why not try make it at home then? Armed with Snapper fillets and a packet of McCormics Fish Nuggets seasoning from the supermarket, this was what I came out with. I omitted the chips & subsitute it with vege rice. Just simply, rice cooked with carrots, celery & stock. It kinda makes me feel less guilty about the fried fillet. =)

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