Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Apple Pie or Apple cake?

I've been bitten by the baking bug! Baking is addictive! I find the whole process very enjoyable & destressing. I even baked on a week night. =) Anyways a friend who is now living blissfully in Sweden shared this recipe. When I told hubby about it he kept bugging me to bake it for him. He like fat cheeks love sweet stuff.

My pie turned out to be more like a dense cake, not sure if it was suppose to be this way. Nevertheless, it was very fragrant & hubby polished off most of it with a satisfied smile on his face. =)


  1. hahahaha! Glad your hubby likes it. I think it should be called apple cake instead of pie lah... It's denser than a pie.

  2. Sophia love this very much. Everytime I bake something, she'll ask me if it's the apple pie. =)