Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yong Tau Foo

It's the long weekend but boy was it exhausting. Hubby was down with virial infection while Fat Cheeks was down with an ear infection. So I spent most of the long weekend nursing them & disinfecting the house. To make sure I didn't fall sick, I took my multivatmins, drank loads of herbal tea and water. Thank God that helped keep the virus at bay =).

Since they both didn't have much appetite, I've decided to make something soupy. While they napped, I made this simple Yong Tau Foo meal. I tried to "niang" the fish paste onto the egg tofu after dusting it with corn flour. Unfortunately, it didn't stick well coz it came off after a while. =(

- Fish paste
- 100g mince pork
- 1 small white onion, diced
- season with pepper ( I didn't add salt coz the fish past can be salty)
- tau pok, egg tofu or whateve that you would like to stuff fish paste with
- stock
- spring onion

- simply mix the fish paste, pork & onion into sticky paste
- once paste ready can start to stuff tau pok, tofu, chilli etc
- bring stock to boil & add tau pok, tofu etc
- once all ingredients start to float, it's done
- garnish with spring onion & serve

I served my soup with mince meat mee pok.


  1. It must be hard on you, trying to cope. A home cooked meal definitely cheer the day !

    Take care !

  2. Hi Ying! Thanks for stopping by my food blog. =)Yes taking care of my 2 "babies" can be tough some days but their love & hugs keeps me going.