Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Simple Stew

A few weeks ago the Straits Times Sunday Life section featured a Japanese stew receipe & it inspired me to make my own version. The original recipe required Dashi stock & mirin. Since I didn't have those 2 ingredients, I've decided to replace it simple chicken stock. It is a great dish, simple, nutritious and most importantly it's chocked with veggies. Getting fat cheeks to eat her veggies is still an uphill task. She simply rejects anything that is green in colour; Potato and carrots are acceptable depending on her highness's mood. This time, I manage to mash a little of the broccoli into her rice and she ate up the potato and carrot bits. =)

- 1 carrot, cubed
- 3 potato, cubed
- 1 med white onion, cut into wedges
- 1 small brocolli, cut into small florets
- sliced pork or beef (I used frozen sukiyaki pork avaliable fm NTUC or Cold Storage)
- 1 cup of chicken stock
- 1tbsp of oyster sauce & dash pepper

- Marinate pork with oyster sauce & pepper, set aside
- Add 2 tbsp of oil to hot wok and fry onion till fragrant
- Add pork slices & stir fry
- When pork starts to brown a little, add stock followed by carrots & potato
- Cover wok and allow to simmer till veggies turn soft
- Just before serving, add brocolli and allow to cook for 3-5mins
- Season with salt to taste
- Serve stew with rice

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