Sunday, May 31, 2009

Angle Hair Pasta with Prawns & Tomato

I've been trying to diet lately, mainly trying to reduce my carbo intake. Ok, keyword here is "trying". Obviously, I've not been very successful. The harder I try, the more I crave for Carbo! Pizza, fries, can anyone live without them?! Sigh. Fat cheeks is almost 3 years old and I'm still carrying the pregnancy flab with me. Not that I was very slim to begin with so I thought what the heck right? Just eat and be happy. =) It's gonna be pasta weekend!! Kekeke...

- Angel hair pasta (I used half a pack)
- 6 skinned tomatoes cubed (to skin them, score "X" on the bottom of the tomato, drop them into hot water for a few seconds. Fish them out and drop into cold water. Just peel skin at the where u score them. The skin will come off easily. Can subsitute with canned tomatoes too.)
- 1 box of brown breech mushroom (can get them easily at NTUC, they come in brown or white)
- 200g of shelled prawns (save shell for stock), marinate with a few dash of fish sauce & pepper
- 1 pack of fish cake, sliced into bite size pieces
- 3 cloves of garlic, chopped finely
- 1 med white onion, diced
- 1 leek, white part only & diced (optional, but it makes the dish sweeter)
- Grated parmesan cheese and chilli flakes

1) boil prawn shells with half cup of water till water reduces to half, reserve stock
2) cook pasta (my method)
- boil water and add salt
- add pasta and wait for water to return to boil for 2-3 mins
- turn off heat & cover (at this point, I leave the pasta to soak & prepare my main ingredents. The timing was just right)
3) In wok:
- add a little oil to hot wok & brown fishcake
- remove to use later
- add more oil if needed, brown onion & leek
- add prawns & stir fry till pink, using chopstick, remove prawns so that they dun over cook
- add mushrooms and stir fry for 2-3 mins
- add tomatoes, garlic and return prawns & fishcake, stirfry for a few seconds
- drain pasta, add to ingredients in wok
- add prawn stock & mix gently (the pasta will soak up the stock)
- season with fishsauce, salt & pepper to taste (quite a bit of fishsauce/salt is added as the pasta is bland)
- to serve, sprinkle parmasan cheese (this makes a difference!) and chilli flakes if you like

Hubby gave me 2 thumbs up for this pasta although he's not a prawn lover. =)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ham and Tuna Wraps

I'm not a bread person. Bread occationally is fine but I get bored of it very easily. Unlike me, hubby is a bread lover. He can take bread every morning, 7 days a week. Just give him his bread, butter & marmite he'll be as happy as a clam. Fat cheeks loves her bread with peanut butter and grape jelly. Me, usually I prefer savoury filling. Last weekend, instead of bread we decided to try out these wraps. It's not bad, especially when it's toasted with ham & melting cheese. Yumz.

Simple Stew

A few weeks ago the Straits Times Sunday Life section featured a Japanese stew receipe & it inspired me to make my own version. The original recipe required Dashi stock & mirin. Since I didn't have those 2 ingredients, I've decided to replace it simple chicken stock. It is a great dish, simple, nutritious and most importantly it's chocked with veggies. Getting fat cheeks to eat her veggies is still an uphill task. She simply rejects anything that is green in colour; Potato and carrots are acceptable depending on her highness's mood. This time, I manage to mash a little of the broccoli into her rice and she ate up the potato and carrot bits. =)

- 1 carrot, cubed
- 3 potato, cubed
- 1 med white onion, cut into wedges
- 1 small brocolli, cut into small florets
- sliced pork or beef (I used frozen sukiyaki pork avaliable fm NTUC or Cold Storage)
- 1 cup of chicken stock
- 1tbsp of oyster sauce & dash pepper

- Marinate pork with oyster sauce & pepper, set aside
- Add 2 tbsp of oil to hot wok and fry onion till fragrant
- Add pork slices & stir fry
- When pork starts to brown a little, add stock followed by carrots & potato
- Cover wok and allow to simmer till veggies turn soft
- Just before serving, add brocolli and allow to cook for 3-5mins
- Season with salt to taste
- Serve stew with rice

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Last weekend was Mother's Day and my fat cheeks made me my 1st mother's day pressie. =)When I picked her up at nanny's place, she proudly showed me what she made for me in her art & craft session in playgroup. It was a pretty heart shape wand. She handed it over to me, declared loudly "Mummy I Love U! Happy Mother's Day!", gave me a big bear hug & planted little butterfly kisses on my cheeks. My heart was bursting with joy & pride. I really didn't know what to expect when I was carrying her, all I can say is that she's my perfect little girl. =) (I know, all mummys say that...hahaha). Hubby says she's a exact replica of me with a dash more of spunkiness & cheekiness. She has brought so much love, laughter and joy to us. Thank you baby for coming into my life, you make mummy complete.

For my mummy, I made her a Yougurt Peach Tart. It didn't turn out too well. I guess I didn't use enough gelatin coz the yougurt didn't set well and was a little to wobbly. I shall try it again sometime. I had fun decorating the tart though. =)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fishcake Omlette

I made this quite sometime ago from the balance ingredients left over from fried rice. I diced the french bean into tiny pieces in hope to hide it from fat cheeks...hahaha. Unfortunately, it didn't work. That little munchkin dug every single one out & protested loudly "Mummy!! Wo bu yao cai la!!!". >_<"

My mum-in-law taught me to add a tbspn or 2 of water to the egg before frying it up. This will help the omlette remain moist & fluffy. It really does makes a difference.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yong Tau Foo

It's the long weekend but boy was it exhausting. Hubby was down with virial infection while Fat Cheeks was down with an ear infection. So I spent most of the long weekend nursing them & disinfecting the house. To make sure I didn't fall sick, I took my multivatmins, drank loads of herbal tea and water. Thank God that helped keep the virus at bay =).

Since they both didn't have much appetite, I've decided to make something soupy. While they napped, I made this simple Yong Tau Foo meal. I tried to "niang" the fish paste onto the egg tofu after dusting it with corn flour. Unfortunately, it didn't stick well coz it came off after a while. =(

- Fish paste
- 100g mince pork
- 1 small white onion, diced
- season with pepper ( I didn't add salt coz the fish past can be salty)
- tau pok, egg tofu or whateve that you would like to stuff fish paste with
- stock
- spring onion

- simply mix the fish paste, pork & onion into sticky paste
- once paste ready can start to stuff tau pok, tofu, chilli etc
- bring stock to boil & add tau pok, tofu etc
- once all ingredients start to float, it's done
- garnish with spring onion & serve

I served my soup with mince meat mee pok.