Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweet Corn, Candied Winter Melon & Barley Drink

It's HOT HOT HOT! about being roasted by the weather. It's really terrible with the temperature hitting to a high of 35 degrees. The heat saps all my energy, making me feel lethargic and restless. In a bid to cool down, I decided to make us Barley drink. My mum in law highly recommends the chinese barley in favor of normal barley. She says it's more cooling and beneficial...personally I dislike the taste of it. But...the drink is more for hubby & fat cheeks, so chinese barley it is then. To try to mask the strong barely taste, I've added corn to my recipe. The sweeness of the corn definately make it a more yummy drink for me.

- 2 handful of Chinese Barley
- 1 handful Candied Winter Melon
- 2 corns
- 5 cups of water

- Wash barley
- Place water & washed barley into a saucepan, bring to boil
- Add winter melon, corn & continue to boil for a 5 minutes
- Decrease to low heat & simmer for 30 mins
- Serve hot or chilled

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