Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fried Rice Very Nice

This is one of my loves and it is being frequently served at home. I don't have a specific recipe for fried rice because I tend to use whatever I can dig out from my fridge. The rice I use is usually freshly cooked and not overnight rice simply because we seldom eat rice at home. To add flavour, sometimes I cook the rice in stock. Just note to reduce the stock/water and let the rice cool off before frying it. My bro also taught me a neat trick; add the garlic later instead of browning it with the onions (which I used to do). This really gives the rice a lovery garlic aroma.

- 1 carrot diced
- handful of french beans, diced
- half cup of corn kennels, I used the leftover from my barley drink.
- 3 fishcakes diced
- 1 chinese sausage
- 1 onion
- 3 cloves of garlic

- cook rice & carrot with stock/water in rice cooker
- when cooked, leave to cool
- Heat wok, when hot add oil
- stir fry chinese sausage till fragrant & dish out
- next, stir fry fishcakes till slightly brown & dish out
- Add more oil if needed & brown onion
- Add french bean, drizzle soy sauce & continue to stir fry, then cover to cook
- Add chinese sausage, fishcake, corn and cooled rice & carrot
- Lastly, add garlic to rice mixture, season with soy sauce, pepper & mix/stir fry well

Some like to drizzle sesame oil to make dish more fragrant, but this is optional. Serve the rice piping hot! Yumz. Normally if I cook plain rice with dishes, my family can't even finish 3 cups of rice. For this fried rice, I used 4 cups of rice and there was hardly enough to go around. Nothing makes a cook happier than empty plates. =)

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