Monday, April 6, 2009

Crispy Pasties

Yum! I've found a much easier & healthier alternative to puff pastry! And ta's frozenPrata! Yes, the humble indian snack. I read that instead of using puff pastry, you can replace it with frozen prata. Sound interesting huh? I love puff pastry but some can be really oily & too buttery. So I thought using prata was a really good idea. I couldn't wait to try so I rummaged my fridge and manage to come out with the following:

- 200g mince meat marinate with oyster sauce & pepper
- 2 med potato (steamed & diced)
- half a head of cabbage (cut finely)
- 1 med onion & 3 cloves of garlic (chopped finely)
- small knob of butter
- parmesan cheese

- Fry onion till fragrant then add garlic
- Once onion & garlic a little browned, add mince meat
- Stir fry till brown, add cabbage
- Add a little stock or water
- Cover & cook till cabbage soften
- Add potato
- mix well then add butter
- season with salt & pepper to taste
- cook till liquid dries up
- sprinkle parmasan cheese & mix well

Once the filling is cooled, I simply filled half of the prata & wrap up ala giant curry puff style. I didn't crimp the sides, but just bind them in egg wash. I also glazed the top with egg washed before baking. It smells & looks real good after baking. I love it! Crips on the outside with savory filling ozzing out with every bite. Can't wait to try this again. There so many fillings to try...corn beef with potato, chicken curry, tuna fish mayo, spicy sardines with tomatoes...the list in endless. =)

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